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Powercourt synthetic grass and turf installations

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Contact Us. 0407 964 682

Contact Us. 0407 964 682

Tennis court maintenance, construction and cleaning

Court Cleaning & Repairs

Tennis and Sport Court Surface Cleaning and Repairs

Over the winter months and in regularly shaded areas mould, mildew and algae can appear on any outdoor sports courts. Weeds sometimes grow in cracks and court surroundings where sand and dirt build up

Whenever any tennis court maintenance or repairs are done, it is important that you the best contractor with experience in the court industry. This ensures that your tennis court is repaired to the best standards and that it is safe and suitable for use once the work has been completed.

Our cleaning or repairs will make your court have the attractive appearance that will meet your satisfaction

If a synthetic turf tennis court becomes compacted with dirt and debris, De-compacting of sand infill may be required, as well as repairs to the seams if the synthetic grass seams have been damaged..

Synthetic Grass Courts Construction

Synthetic Grass is a soft surface that will provide some advantages over traditional hard surfaces like bitumen, concrete and clay

Players will have less chance of injury and is not slippery when wet which means you can start playing again immediately after rain. Also synthetic courts are also low maintenance.

Synthetic Grass provides tennis courts with the best playing characteristics giving an even bounce and brilliant response to all shot types as well as providing grip but still allowing foot slide. From commercial courts to backyard courts Power Court can install a range of grades to suit your needs.

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 & sports surface repair and maintenance

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