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Contact Us. 0407 964 682

Contact Us. 0407 964 682

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Power Court’s synthetic sports field surfaces are durable, cost effective and safe. This synthetic turf offers unlimited play, low maintenance and performance found only in the best kept grasses.

Synthetic sports surfaces are ideal for soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, multi-purpose fields, field hockey and croquet.

Synthetic grass is revolutionising tired school grounds, transforming them into all-weather and multi-sport use playgrounds

These synthetic areas encourage children and athletes to be more active.

Not only do these synthetic surfaces enable schools and clubs to include several activities such as tennis, field hockey, football but their application is only limited to your imagination.

Players will love the flat and hazard free surface and what better promotion for your club then a spectacular green field all year round.

You will no longer have to worry about those dead patches around the goals in soccer in winter.

You will lessen the chance of cancellations in wet conditions.

No more watering, no more mowing, even line marking doesn’t need to be done as regularly when compared to real grass.

Competitive rates for all your sport surfaces

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